Friday, July 25, 2008

A Little Review

So today was one of the first days that I woke up and had nothing to do. I mean, I had stuff to do, but nothing really super pressing like I normally have in the mornings before work. So I get to update this. That, by the way, is the reason I've had so few updates lately. And the fact that work really is uninteresting at times. :-) Nothing to write about, you know.

Anyway, time is winding down in the program, so I'm trying to make the absolute most of my days off right now. Which means I have even less time to write too. But let's forget about that right now.

Wednesday I went to Epcot, planning to stay for the whole day. I ended up leaving at about 6:00 though. One, it was just not as much fun by yourself (I was alone), and two, there was a nasty storm coming in. That's Florida in summer for you. It rains at least once a day. But I now have officially done every attraction at Epcot.

Last week I spent my day off at Animal Kingdom. That was great, because I hadn't had a chance to be there yet. My roommate convinced me to go on the Primeval Whirl ride (even though it makes me sick) and that turned out to be a good thing. We ended up getting hit by the Dream Squad on the way off the ride and got the coveted Dream Ears they were giving out. We told them we were cast members, but they let us have them anyway. We also hit Everest (of course) and got stuck on the Safari ride for 20 minutes because a rhino wouldn't move out of the road.

My favorite part was the Finding Nemo musical show. The songs weren't all that great (though they were okay), but I was loving the costumes. Nemo and Marlin were cast really well, but the girl who did Dory just annoyed me. But there you go. Can't have everything I guess. Anyway, the show was really good, and I might see if I have time to pop over there again before I leave.

Wednesday last week we also went resort hopping. We caught the monorail from the TTC and then were taking it around to the Magic Kingdom resorts to see what they look like. We could never in a million years afford to stay there, but it's fun to look.

The Polynesian was really cool. My roommate was totally entranced. I just thought it looked neat, but her family used to live in Hawaii so she really likes that kind of theming. We did get to see a room here, and let me tell you the beds were really soft!

Next stop was the Grand Floridian, the flagship resort and definitely the most expensive on property (though there are a few resorts that aren't far behind price-wise). I like the Floridian much better, but then again I really like the Victorian-style theming. It was really nice, and I totally felt under dressed the moment I walked in the door. They had this really nice jazz band playing in the lobby and there's this huge sweeping staircase. Very upscale. They didn't have any rooms open that we could look at, but we did get to see some photos. Very nice, once again.

So the idea after that was to head over to the Contemporary Resort. But the monorail goes through the Magic Kingdom stop first, so we ended up getting off there. We ate dinner at Tony's (the Italian restaurant on Main Street, it was okay) and then bought some fudge from the confectionery (yummy!) and did a couple rides before heading back home for the night (I had work early the next morning).

Here's a tip for any of you who do Disney pin trading. The best pins are found at some of the resorts, since their lanyards are a lot less picked over. I found a ton of pins there, and actually a lot at the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom too. Just lucky that day, I guess!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Got the Job! and other updates....

So I haven't posted much lately, but honestly, not much as been going on. Nothing new anyway. Same old stuff. I am going to Animal Kingdom tomorrow though, so maybe I'll have some news for you then.

I got to go to Rainforest Cafe for breakfast the other day. I didn't even know they had breakfast, but apparently here they do. I got the eggs benedict, but it wasn't that good, so I was kinda disappointed. But we also got a volcano sundae, and that made up for a lot.

I also haven't been writing because I've been putting some time lately into my Webkinz podcast. Trust me, you haven't been yelled at until you've been emailed by a bunch of 10 year olds who can't understand why you don't have time to sit down and talk Webkinz for an hour every day. :-) It's been fun doing it though, I just wish I had more time!

In other news, I got a job today as a Campus Representative for the Disney College Program. This means it is my job to help get the word out to other students that this program is available so those who are interested have the opportunity to come here. It sounds like it will be fun, and if nothing else I still get to keep my Disney ID. You know what that means... free park admission! But really, that's just a perk for me. I really do want to give others the chance to have as much fun here as I have been having.

Okay, so I lied. I just remembered that something interesting did happen at work yesterday. I was working Fantasmic!, and we had some stale popcorn left over from the night before sitting on one of the tables. One of my coworkers ate it, and got the kernel stuck in his throat somewhere near his tonsils. He had to be taken to the emergency room by an ambulance because he couldn't get it out (although he was still breathing and talking). The paramedics can't do anything to help him, and since we college program kids don't have family here, the only other option is the hospital. Scary, huh?

Anyway, that's it for this rambling post. Bring you more news in the future!

Have a Disney-related question about the parks, movies, or even about me? Check out the Ask A Cast Member feature and send in your questions!
Have a Disney-related question about the parks, movies, or even about me? Check out the Ask A Cast Member feature and send in your questions!