Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pirates, Princesses, and... Stormtroopers?

Okay, so I know that the Pirate and Princess Party was on Wednesday, and today is Saturday, but I promise that I really was working. Yesterday was also the start of Star Wars Weekends at the Studios, hence the title of this post. I'm actually in like the only part of the park that has absolutely no effect on SWW, so I didn't get to see much for that. I did almost get run over by the celebrity motorcade (I'm sensing a theme here...) and I got glared at by a couple of stormtroopers. Other than that, the only difference was an abundance of people dressed in Star Wars costumes and/or carrying lightsabers.

And speaking of costumes, you would not believe the costumes we saw at the Pirate and Princess Party. I went over to Property Control that morning and picked up a couple of tiaras so I had something to wear, which was fun. You would expect several of the little girls to be dressed up, but there were way more than I expected. In addition to that, there were lots of grown women (including a Snow White that looked like she was about 80 years old) dressed up in full evening gowns, complete with high heels. But the thing that really got me was the teenage girls who tried to squeeze themselves in the little girl princess costumes. Not pretty. There was a girl dressed up as Princess Giselle from Enchanted, so that made me happy. Giselle hasn't showed up in WDW much yet.

There were a lot more characters than I'm used to walking around too. We went to go and search out Wendy, since Mackinze found out that's who she's going to play starting in a few weeks. We found Wendy and Peter Pan behind Pooh's Playful Spot. It was really cute, because there was a little girl dressed up as Tinkerbell taking pictures with them when we walked by. They took one picture, and then Peter got the great idea to recreate this scene from the movie:

You know, with Wendy trying to kiss Peter and Tink pulling her hair. It was really cute. Wendy had a hard time keeping a straight face to kiss Peter though, it was funny.

So most of the princess stuff was in Fantasyland (naturally), so after an awesome fireworks show (they blew up the castle!) we headed over to Adventureland to see some Pirates. They had all of these "treasure hunting" spots all over the area, which had been dubbed New Tortuga for the party. So we had fun collecting those little plastic jewels and mardi gras beads all night.

We also got to see Captain Jack Sparrow in Adventureland as well. He had a Pirate Training Tutorial show. The guy who did Sparrow was really good. He had all of Johnny Depp's mannerisms down pat. It was very cool, and really funny.

Anyway, that's what happened, and that's what's new. We of course went on lots of rides on Wednesday too, since there was practically no wait for anything. Even Peter Pan was only 5 minutes wait, and that is VERY unusual.

Have a Disney-related question about the parks, movies, or even about me? Check out the Ask A Cast Member feature and send in your questions!


Have a Disney-related question about the parks, movies, or even about me? Check out the Ask A Cast Member feature and send in your questions!